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Archaeological Museum of Kos

Sculptures of the Hellenistic and Roman Era

The island of Kos offers not only beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes for a holiday to have fun, but also interesting historical places to visit. Among the many attractions of Kos Town, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum, where are preserved statues and remains of the Hellenistic and Roman age. A mandatory stop if you are visiting this beautiful town and want to know its history.

The Archaeological Museum of Kos is located right in the center of the city, in Eleftherias Square, opposite the market and the Deffendar Mosque. Built in 1935, it has now become one of the main buildings in the area, able to attract tourists from all over the world. Inside it consists of a main entrance, the Circular Collosade, and three different exhibition halls.

The museum is open from 09.00 to 20.00, and the entrance ticket costs 6 euros (updated in August 2017). Children have free admission, which makes it a fun stop for a family trip.

Entering the museum, you will find exposed in the first room statues mostly from the Roman age. In the second one, instead, are preserved marble statues, among which stands out the famous statue of Hippocrates, father of medicine born on the island. In the third room are exhibited the findings belonging to the Classical and Hellenistic age, including some statuettes from the temple of Demeter in Kyparissia. The materials displayed in this Archaeological Museum of Kos are many and are able to attract the attention of those tourists who are fond of archaeology and ancient history.

There are collected in fact ornaments from the Geometric Period, marble heads depicting Alexander the Great and Demeter, the statues of Diana and Asclepius, a mosaic depicting Dionysus and much more. A tourist attraction that is able to tell perfectly the ancient history not only of the island of Kos but of the whole of Greece. An unmissable stop, especially if you want to give your holiday a cultural turn.

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