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Hot springs of Kos

The natural baths of Kos ... right on the beach!

The true strength of the island of Kos is certainly to be full of surprises from all points of view: from breathtaking landscapes to nighttime entertainment, from white beaches to romantic sunsets that characterize the views of this territory. This is a perfect example of the location of Therma, one of the most visited and fascinating of the island. Not far from Kos Town and a few kilometers from Agios Fokas, this area is easily reachable both by car and by scooter, or by a bus that connects it directly to the capital. It is an absolutely unique place, which has no comparison on the island. Here you will not only find yourself in front of a beautiful beach, but something more particular that will amaze you and make you lose track of time, throwing yourself into a feeling of relaxation and well-being that only a place like the “hot springs” – indeed – can give.

The characteristic of the beach of Bros Therma is in fact given by a natural pool, formed by huge boulders, in which a stream of boiling water is deposited which is continuously emanated from the volcanic springs of Kos. In this pool, not too deep, this hot water is mixed directly with that of the sea, creating a temperature nothing short of perfect for plunging into water. These small natural baths are rich in elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine and magnesium, and are officially considered a panacea for those with arthritis problems or suffer from rheumatism. The area in fact functions as real thermal baths, where you can access for free and then enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that characterizes it.

Bros Therma has therefore become famous worldwide for its therapeutic properties and it is constantly frequented by tourists, both in summer and winter, since it is a hot spring with hot water. The beach is not easy to reach, hidden by the gigantic mountain above it, which makes it a place out of the world, where time seems to stop. Despite this magical and uncontaminated atmosphere, the area is very busy, but it keeps intact these peculiar characteristics. Since this area is not fully covered by facilities, remember to bring with you an icebox containing food and a bottle of water, important not to get dehydrated under the sun, in a hot place like this.

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