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Agora of Kos

Wonders of the island of Kos

Among the many wonders that the island of Kos offers, a top place have the archaeological ruins in the open air. Not only white beaches and crystal clear sea, but also history and art, for a holiday that will satisfy your needs at 360 degrees. Kos Town is the emblematic city of this perfect mix of entertainment and culture. Right in the heart of the capital, you can enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the city Agora, an open air archaeological site, among the most popular places of the entire island after the Asklepeion.

Founded back in 366 B.C., after the island’s capital was transferred to the east coast, the ancient town square was originally surrounded by temples and buildings of various kinds. The remains of the temple of Hercules and Aphrodite, the walls of the port and the columns of the market are still visible along the sides of the Agora of Kos. In the area there are also the ruins of an ancient history, a colonnade of 150 meters where there were numerous shops, of which currently only eight columns are preserved. It is a place with a magical atmosphere, ideal for a walk to discover a Greece now lost, but that has been able to leave its mark in every corner of this island.

Once you arrive in Kos Town, you will easily reach the ancient city Agora. The most convenient solution is probably to go through Bar Street, a lively street especially in the evening, when the lights and the music of night clubs, bars and small traditional restaurants light up. The archaeological site can be visited free of charge and is open every day from 8.30 am to 8 pm. If you are thinking of organizing a holiday in Kos and you do not want to miss the “must” locations of this island, organize immediately to dedicate a few hours of your day to visit the ancient Agora of Kos Town.

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