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Psalidi beach

A stone's throw from Kos Town

There are many beaches that surround Kos Town, easy to reach by car or scooter, ideal destinations for tourists who come to the city and want to enjoy a sunny day without moving too much. For the more sporty there is also the possibility to rent a bike and move around to discover the surroundings of the town, perhaps reaching the nearby Psalidi beach.

Just 3 km from the capital of the island, this lovely town is much loved by tourists, who day after day crowd the beach throughout the summertime. Organized to perfection with the possibility of using sunbeds, deckchairs and sun umbrellas, Psalidi is a perfect tourist-friendly seaside resort. Many facilities of all kinds are ready to welcome visitors from all over the world: hotels, bed & breakfasts and landlords, but also bars and local taverns where you can taste the traditional cooking.

As if this were not enough, the beach also enjoys an optimal position for activities such as windsurfing or sailing, thanks to an exposure to the wind that has no equal on the island. This obviously attracts younger tourists with a sporting and reckless soul.

Not far from the island’s capital, the small village of Psalidi is generally considered almost as an extension of Kos. The real touristic attraction of this area, beyond the beach, is the hot spring of the Bros thermal baths, which flows directly into the sea.

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