m - Worth seeing the village of Pyli in Kos in Greece

Pyli Village

Totally immersed in an area with lush vegetation

If you want to spend your holiday hunting for landscapes and small villages perfect for hiking, then arm yourself with comfortable shoes and mark the village of Pyli on your itinerary. It is in fact a village which is higly representative of the island’s traditional lifestyle, totally immersed in an area with lush vegetation, full of olive trees. Here you will find the typical atmosphere of a quiet Greek town, moreover on an island, with small stone houses built around the main square, dotted with small traditional taverns. A must is a stop to taste the local cuisine, maybe even tasting the excellent wines produced in the area.

How to reach Pyli

The small village of Pyli is located right in the center of the island of Kos, about 15 km from Kos Town, from which the main road (Kos-Kefalos) connects the two different coasts of the island, crossing the area of the artificial lake. Alternatively, if you want to stop in the other inland villages, you can opt for a scenic road that starts from Kos Town and crosses Lagoudi, Amanio and Asfendiou, then arriving directly to Pyli. To admire the beautiful landscape that characterizes the hinterland of the island, we suggest you rent a scooter, for a fun journey to discover Kos with the wind in your hair.

What to see in Pyli

Like in Antimachia, here also the traditional life of the village is clearly visible in the so-called “House of Pyli”, nearby we find a wonderful source of fresh water, flowing from a fountain of six nozzles dating back to the Turkish domination. Naturally, a visit of historical-cultural nature could not be missing, as the island of Kos is rich in open-air ruins dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman age. If you love ancient art, then we recommend a stop at the “Tomb of Charmylos”: a Hellenistic burial named after Charmylos, legendary hero and king of Kos. It is a heroon, a monument erected in ancient Greece on the tomb of a hero precisely. There is a vaulted ceiling and a series of niches that make one think of a family tomb.

Paleo Pyli

For an excursion with a highly historical character, do not miss the opportunity to visit the small village of Paleo Pyli, just 3 km away from the small village. It is an abandoned and ruined site, which still keeps the remains of an ancient Byzantine castle, restored and rendered impregnable by the Knights of the Order of St. John. To be able to visit these beautiful sites in just one day, you can rent a scooter. Remember that to do this, it is important that you always have an identity document and a credit card with you, which is not a prepaid. Do you have everything with you? So have a nice trip!

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