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The Market of Kos

Street markets and traditional shops

What is the best time of a holiday if not to get lost in the streets and discover local markets and traditional shops? The perfect solution to buy souvenirs to bring back home, but also to really get to know the daily life of an extraordinary island like this. If you are really curious to explore the beautiful atmosphere of this town, we suggest you to take a few hours of free time and visit the colorful market of Kos, where you will find penty of of spices (and more).

As in any self-respecting city, even in Kos Town the central square is the beating heart of the island, both by day and by night. Being an area where cars or motorcycles can not circulate, it is practically perfect to walk around, to browse here and there among alleys and quaint shops. Called Platìa Eleftherias, this is the city area where monuments and buildings of historical and archaeological interest are concentrated, but not only. Next to the Mosque of Defeterdar and the Orthodox Church of Agia Paraskevi, there is in fact the splendid market of Kos, an unmissable stop for tourists who come every year to visit the island.

Inside a building overlooking the square, that you will recognize because it has two bunches of grapes on the front, there is a small but interesting market of spices and essences, where you will also find typical local products.

Admission is obviously free and we are sure that you will remain open-mouthed in front of the splendid spectacle of colors and smells that characterizes it. An atmosphere that will delight your senses and beyond. Kos’s market stalls are few but well stocked: all kinds of spices, nuts, honey, sweets and essences are just some of the products you can buy. Lots of useful ingredients to prepare traditional Greek and Turkish dishes, given the proximity of the island of Kos to the town of Bodrum. Walk through the stalls and smell everything, discover what transparent bags contain and give your friends tasty spices to prepare dishes with an oriental flavour.

Remember to pay attention to what you buy, if you have to return from the island by plane and with only hand luggage, because you will be surely subjected to strict controls at the airport. Beware especially of liquid products, which can not exceed the limit of 100 ml or 100 g: they have to be put in tightly closed containers and then placed in a well sealed plastic bag.

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