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Eating in Kos

Grilled meat and fish, gyros, Mousakka ..

We are in Kos, the second largest island of the Dodecanese where, in addition to finding a spectacular sea and sensational cities, you can brighten your days with experiences of fun, music and great food.

In fact, you can’t visit Kos and don’t try a taste experience that will introduce you to the traditional gastronomy of this place. Hellenic traditional dishes, or at least some of them, are known all over the world for their freshness and goodness, don’t you want to give it up?

A must, absolutely not to be missed is the Greek salad, a representative dish of the territory, known throughout the world. It is prepared with black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and fresh onions, a must-have ingredient is feta, the typical local cheese, very popular also with tourists.

In the takeaways of the cities of Kos, named psistarias, you can taste grilled meat and fish cooked on the spot, the advice is to always choose the fish of the local seas. Meat lovers cannot pass up beef stew or barbecued skewers called “souvlaki“.

The island’s chefs also cared of vegetarians by adding “mezedes”, vegetable meatballs prepared with spinach, lentils and cheese, to the menu. Spices are used a lot for seasonings but the absolute must for flavoring traditional dishes is the famous “Tzatziki” sauce based on Greek yogurt, cucumbers and garlic.

Finally, let’s move on to desserts, the best known are certainly the “galaktomboreko“, characterized by a puff pastry made of milk cream and the traditional Greek pastries made with almonds and pistachios that are called “baklava“.

And if you want to feel at home even on vacation, don’t be afraid to open the menu. The island of Kos is very famous for having succeeded over time in learning the secrets of international cuisine and thus responding to the different requests of tourists. Inside the food card, alongside the Greek dishes, you will also find those of the European tradition to satisfy all needs.

A little introduction about the restaurants and taverns of Kos has to be done, we eat very well and spend little, even less than on the other islands.

If you have been thinking about a cheap or nearly cheap vacation, you are in the right place, generally the prices are very low and for a lunch with all the trimmings you will get to spend from 10 to 25 euros per person.
We are in Kos city, here you will find many restaurants and taverns of excellent quality within which you can taste fish and meat according to your preferences

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