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Go hiking in Kos

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Kos is one of the most beautiful and popular islands of the whole Greek archipelago. If you have decided to spend your next vacation here you should know that you can choose from many activities to do during your day: sun, sea, hiking, food and much more.

If you are curious travelers and culture lovers, after a day on the beach and a dinner in one of the most typical places in Kos town, you can enjoy an experience discovering the most characteristic places of the island.

You must know that here you can visit one of the most important sites in all of Greece: the Asklepion, a hill covered with cypress and pine trees that preserves ruins of the 4th century BC temples. Here were found the remains of the first hospital in the world, where doctors put into practice the teachings of Hippocrates.

The excursion inside the villages of Asfendiou is unmissable. Here it is possible to know and admire the local handicraft of the villages and to rely on guides for a hiking tour of the mountain village of Zia by Mount Dikeo. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island that extends up to Turkey.

Do not forget to take a trip to Paleo Pyli, the ancient capital of Kos that will welcome you with a Byzantine castle located right on the top of the hill.

If you are a tireless traveler and want to take advantage of your holiday in Kos to discover the nearby islands, you can choose an organized excursion by boat, to travel along the coast of the area and learn about the surrounding wonders.

Let us return to our island and in particular to Kos town. The beauty of this city lies in the fact that it is possible to admire the oldest part of the area, that goes perfectly with the newest and most contemporary one. Shops and boutiques line the streets of the center between traditional and ancient buildings left to their natural origins.

We recommend you to visit the fortress of the Knights from which you can admire a splendid view of the sea, the excavations of the ancient Agora and other archaeological treasures that you will find inside Kos town.

After the excursions do not forget to relax with a happy hour at the beach in one of the many bars of Kos island.

Escursioni a Kos

Excursion to the village of Zia

Luogo Orario Prezzo
Zia from 6.00pm to about 11.30pm 35 Euro

Excursion on the 3 islands of Kalymnos Pserimos Plati

Luogo Orario Prezzo
Kos port from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm 35 Euro
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