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Village Of Antimachia

Traditional Greek flavors

The island of Kos seems to be an “endless pit” of natural beauties and small villages where rediscover the tradition of the ancient Greece. And this is precisely the case of Antimachia, a small town that is located near the airport “Hippokratis” and that you can run to visit as soon as you get off your plane, to start in the best way your journey to discover Kos. Or you can reach the village by taking a bus directly from Kos Town. In any case, it seems to be the perfect destination to be included in your itinerary to discover the history of the island. On the contrary, if you really want to dare and rent a scooter, enjoy a day trip in one of the most particular destinations of the whole Kos.

That Antimachia preserves the traditional Greek tastes you can see immediately by the historical buildings located there, and that immediately stand out once you enter the village. You will find yourself facing the so-called “House of Antimachia”, a reproduction of a traditional twentieth-century house which has now become a real museum, and the “Papa Mill”, the last windmill on the island of Kos. When the miller died in 2005, this was transformed into a museum, now visited by tourists, curious to know the daily life of the inhabitants of the inland villages of the island.

In the eastern part of the village are the remains of the castle built by the Crusaders of the Order of the Knights of St. John: a triangular-shaped building overlooking the Nisyros strait. The site is easily accessible from the village of Antimachia with a paved road, perfect for a ride by scooter or car, and admission is absolutely free. In the inner part of the building there is the beautiful Agios Nikolas chapel, where you can admire a fresco depicting Agios Khristoforos holding baby Jesus in his arms. A little gem that will make lovers of history and art happy.

What really will amazes you of the village of Antimachia is the genuineness of its inhabitants, which still conserve the traditions and habits of a Greece that is not yet affected by mass tourism. Men and women devoted to agriculture, theater, music and dance. It would be enough to participate in the “Carnival of Antimachia” to realize how the traditions are still strong and rooted in this small village on the island of Kos. An unmissable destination to discover the true Greek spirit of a splendid island.

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