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Kefalos on Kos island

Discovering Kefalos: beaches, sea and history

For a holiday made only of sea and relaxation, Kefalos is undoubtedly the ideal destination. Perhaps one of the most distant places from Kos Town and once the capital of the island, which is about forty kilometers away. Located on a hill at the southwest end of the island and dominated by an imposing windmill, the ancient village overlooks the wonderful bay of Kamari where some of the most fascinating beaches of the island of Kos are located. Unlike other places on the island, enlivened by the nightlife of the clubs, Kefalos still seems to maintain that typically Greek, silent and pristine atmosphere: it proves perfect to spend a few days in peace, enjoying the crystal clear sea and organizing small excursions to discover the area and the near islands. Worth seeing is the traditional house, actually a museum, which shows the agricultural life of the village in the past. For an “unusual” dinner we suggest you go to Niotis and ask for Mrs. Eugenia who offers her guests the food she cooked also for her family, it will be a bit like eating from your aunt!

A bit of history

There are also here, however, the remains of historical and archaeological interest. Few but good, near Kefalos we recommend to visit the Hellenistic temple of Astypalaia the ancient capital of Kos, the remains of the classical Hellenistic theater (of which you will still find two different rows of seats) and the Byzantine church of Panagia Palatiani, the Paleochristian Basilica of Agios Stefanos dated around the fifth century. Where there are some mosaic decorations, some very well preserved sculptures and ornaments of the church. On the top of Mount Zini you will find the small church of Panagia Zionitissima (Virgin Mary) with a breathtaking view of the sea. Near the church you can visit the cave of Aspri Trypa from the Neolithic period. About 7 km south from the village of Kefalos is the Monastery of Agios Ioannis with a perennial plane tree that covers the church almost completely.


The real tourist attraction of this village is given by the nearby bay of Kamari, around which there are interesting beaches and coves that have nothing to envy the most popular places in the world. Made of pebbles and sand, that of Kamari is among the most voted places of the island for water sports. In a beautiful landscape of blue sea and crystal clear waters, you can enjoy windsurfing, water skiing, paragliding and sailing. A perfect mix both for having fun with friends and for a relaxing holiday with your family. Perfect for sea lovers in all its aspects, from the port of Kefalos you also have the opportunity to embark on small ships and boats to reach the beautiful beaches beyond the promontory, that can also be reached from the main road coming from Kos Town. Prepare swimsuit and sunscreen for a visit to the famous Paradise Beach, Sunny Beach, Magic Beach, Exotic and Camel Beach and we will let you discover all the others by yourself…

In front of the beautiful beach of Agios Stefanos, patron Saint of sailors you will find the rocky islet of Kastri, with very little vegetation where there is a small chapel dedicated to the Saint. Legend has it that after having reached it is necessary to go into the church to ring the bell and make a wish.

About ten kilometers west, the small nudist beach of Hilandhriou and to the north the charming town of Limionas renowned for its beautiful sunset, the small sheltered port and the freshly caught fish taverns.

If you have to spend the whole day at sea, it is good that you protect yourself to avoid burns or sunstrokes. Always remember to bring a good sunscreen with medium-high protection as the sun is very strong.

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