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Cavo Paradisebeach

The sand changes from white to pink

Cavo Paradise is the most difficult beach to reach and perhaps for this reason also the most beautiful and wildest ever. The sea has a blue color with beautiful shades and the sand goes from white to pink. In Cavo Paradise it is also possible to do nudism. When it’s windy and the sea is rough, it’s not worth going there because you risk turning your day into a nightmare. Do not miss the view from above, absolutely wonderful and priceless. Arrived on this wonderful beach you can see the impressive cliffs behind with the open sea in front. There is also a small bar that sells drinks and something to eat as well as providing sunbeds and umbrellas. They are few, so even though it is never too crowded and far from the tourist centers of easy access, the risk going too late is that they are not available. The beach is located at the end of a dirt road full of hairpins that surmounts a hilly area. Passing the church of Agios Ioannis where, if you want you can leave the car, if you do not feel like driving in an impervious area and reach the beach on foot (it will take about half an hour walk under the sun, then bring a hat, water and sunscreen). The renters in case of failure of the vehicle on this road will hardly come to recover, so go very slowly, surely you will take some more time, but when you arrive you will have the certainty that it was worth it!

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