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Kos: Summer or Winter?

Hot summers and mild winters

If you have chosen the Greek island of Kos as a destination for your next trip, the first question to ask is this: when to go? In fact, often choosing the right time to visit a city or a tourist attraction also affects your visitor experience. Fortunately, Kos does not present us with this problem, enjoying a wonderful climate that makes it accessible at any time of the year.

Because of its geographical position, in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea and a short distance from the coasts of Turkey, the island is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate, made of hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature during the year is around 18 ° C and obviously it grows in the summer months without being suffocating, thanks to the fresh sea breezes that characterize the island.

If you have to choose when to go to Kos, you must first decide what kind of holiday you want to organize. If you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water in peace, the best months are May or October. In these periods the temperatures are around 26 ° C, the sun never fails and the beaches are not crowded, which will allow you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this place. If, on the other hand, you can’t give up night-time fun, then the perfect period for you is from June to August: the island is populated by young people loving not only the clear waters, but above all the nightlife. Starting in May and until the end of summer, Kos is the perfect destination for adults and children, that with a water temperature of almost 25 ° C invites tourists to dive into the sea.

For those who prefer to visit the splendid archaeological remains of an island that has written the history of Ancient Greece, when to go? Obviously in spring, when the temperatures are quite mild and the climate allows you to organize excursions to discover the most beautiful and hidden places in Kos. In particular, the months of April and May are perfect, before the massive tourism begins. This will allow you to visit everything you want with calm and tranquility. Even the winter months, being rather mild, are suitable for a journey to discover historical beauties, but they are also among the wettest and this could cause you some problems. Avoid December, because it is considered the wettest, and February, because it is considered the coldest, with a temperature that does not however drop below 8 ° C.

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