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Sea and beaches of Kos

Crystal clear waters and sandy beaches

The island of Kos is one of those in the Greek archipelago, with the biggest number of beaches to visit absolutely, each one for a particularity. Those on the north side are famous above all for their crystal clear waters, sandy beaches with shallow and warm waters, while in the south you can find darker seabeds and clear, fresh waters.

Wherever you decide to spend your days in the sun, the island of Kos will offer you an unforgettable experience. The beaches of the island are substantially sandy and pebbly but all well organized. You can choose between beach resorts that offer various kinds of services and entertainment during daylight hours, and quiet and less crowded free beaches.

Let’s see in detail some beaches to visit

Lambi is located about 4 km from the city of Kos. This area offers a 1 km long sandy beach organized with various beach services, bars and water sports. It is one of the beaches of the island most frequented by tourists who reach it by car or by bus.

At about 15 km from the city center of Kos there is Tigaki, one of the most famous beaches of the island thanks to its reputation: the blue flag for cleanliness, extreme organization, white sand and transparent waters. Along the whole beach, which boasts a length of 10 km, it is possible to find well-equipped chalet, fish taverns and restaurants, the ideal choice for a comfort holiday with everything at hand.

On the north coast of the island instead we find Marmari, also this beach like the previous one, boasts the Blue flag for several years, offering tourists various hotels and restaurant services, ideal for families and for those who want a holiday with all comforts.

In the end we move 30 km from the center of the island to discover Paradise Beach, a true paradise, as its name suggests, characterized by fine white sand and crystal clear shallow waters. It is by far the most popular beach in Kos, very close to the town of Kefalos, which can be reached by car or by bus. Here too you can indulge in daytime activities, water sports and many services offered to make your stay pleasant.

Flippers, swimsuit, and glasses, let’s fly to the beaches of Kos!

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