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Agios Fokas Beach

Wild beach

Moving from Kos Town and going south to discover the beautiful beaches that characterize the island, we immediately come across Agios Fokas, a picturesque beach that offers a view absolutely up to those who you will get used to, in the beautiful Kos. The characteristic of this place is that of being a sort of mixed beach: on one side you will find black sand and pebbles, on the other hand the classic fine sand. It is a beach easily reachable from Kos Town by car or by taxi, but also very well connected with bus lines that in the summer move along the coast to allow tourists to visit Kos as much as possible.

Like almost all the beaches of the island, even Agios Fokas is well equipped to accommodate tourists with sunbeds, deckchairs and umbrellas, but it is still a place that mass tourism has not yet fully reached. Tourists generally head towards the sandy beaches closest to the city, but for this reason we advise you not to miss the opportunity to spend a day on the beach here, in the name of tranquility and relaxation. If you are looking for a quiet beach, then this is the perfect solution for you!

Moreover, the beach of Agios Fokas will give you a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, especially at sunset and at night hours. At sunset, the landscape is colored with the wonderful shades of pink, red and orange, creating a magical and incredibly romantic atmosphere. If you want to stay here until dinner, you can taste the delicious local cuisine in one of the many traditional taverns that are located on the seafront, perfect also for a light lunch break where to sate with a colorful Greek salad.

If you want a perfect and long lasting tan, you have to follow some small tips. First of all it is necessary to avoid burning and peeling, so remember to always sunbathe using a sunscreen, also minimal. Drink a lot of water, because it is important that your skin remains hydrated. Eat red or orange foods to increase your melanin values and ensure a perfect suntan.

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